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1. Talk by Saul Albert from The People Speak
(Matching tags: visits,intervention,talk,people,digital aesthetics,aesthetics)
'Tools for the world to take over itself'. Recursion: the ability of a word, phrase, or constitution - to modifyit's own meaning, is a core conceptual device in software design, geekhumour, legislative ...
2. Klima-bekendelser
(Matching tags: intervention,aarhus,media facades,civic communication)
Sæt ansigt på kampen for et bedre klima! ”Klima-bekendelser” er en avanceret video-installation, som sætter et personligt ansigt på klima-kampen og giver byens borgere en stemme, der kan høres – og ...
(Matching tags: civic communication,partners,climate,intervention,aarhus,media facades)
CO2NFESSION / CO2MMITMENT is an advanced video installation that puts a face on the struggle for climate improvements and gives the citizens of Aarhus a voice to be heard – and seen – throughout the city. ...
4. Photos from the conference on sousveillance
(Matching tags: intervention,workshop,conference,aarhus,digital aesthetics)
Photos from the workshop, conference and concert of last week on 'sousveillance' is now available on Flickr. More information is available at the blog of the Digital Aesthetics Research Center.  

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