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1. DUL prototype at Moesgård Museum
(Matching tags: cases,museums,cultural heritage)
As part of Moesgård Museum's new exhibition about runes, the DUL cultural heritage group has created a prototype installation that lets visitors create and decorate their own unique rune stones. The prototype ...
2. Sousveillance: Conference on digital art and surveillance (8-9th of February 2009)
(Matching tags: aesthetics,aarhus,digital aesthetics,museums,conference)
In conjunction with the two digital art exhibitions in February (one at Skive Art Museum and another at ARoS) the research project Digital Urban Living as well as the Digital Aesthetics Research Center ...
3. Cultural Heritage
(Matching tags: museums,cases)
... in interaction design, experience design, experience communication and aesthetic participatory design processes with the purpose of Designing engaging experiences in cultural/natural heritage museums Developing ...

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