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1. DUL audiovisual installation exhibited in Sydney
(Matching tags: exhibition,istallation,Sydney,Curating Cities)
The audiovisual installation  “Atmosphere – the sound & sight of CO2” is currently exhibited in Sydney, Australia as part of the exhibition Curating Cities. The installation is developed by DUL researchers ...
2. Digital Design Expo 2010
(Matching tags: student projects,exhibition,digital aesthetics,media facades,civic communication)
Students from the Digital Design study progam present and demo their non-traditional interpretations of the theme "hyperlocal media". They combine digital aesthetics and interaction design to create innovative ...
3. What are the relations between climate changes and art? What is good climate art
(Matching tags: digital aesthetics,events,exhibition)
... the debate staged around the Rethink exhibitions (SMK, Nikolaj, Den Frie and don’t forget Moesgaard!) here: Digital Urban Living is participating in COP ...
4. Student Expo: Urban Interactions 2009
(Matching tags: poster,presentation,exhibition,courses,student projects)
As part of the course "Urban Interactions" at Information Studies, Aarhus University, students presented concepts and prototypes of systems they have developed. Below are a list of links to their web presentations. ...
5. Urban Digital Design Prototypes
(Matching tags: student projects,exhibition,digital aesthetics,media facades,civic communication)
The students at Digital Design – the joint Information Studies and Aesthetics bachelor program – presented their semester projects in Interaction design. Two of the seven critical/aesthetic projects were ...
6. Interactive 3D Model of the National Expo 1909
(Matching tags: exhibition,cultural heritage,events)
In 1909 Denmark had a national exhibition in Aarhus. The National Exhibition was an exhibition covering industry, craftsmanship and culture. It displayed examples of what Denmark was capable of within ...

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