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1. Digital Urban Living at City University of New York
(Matching tags: talk,visits,cultural heritage)
On 6th november Ole Iversen and Christian Dindler gave an invited talk at City University of New York about the DUL project. In particular, the talk framed a discussion with researchers from the American ...
Peter Wright, Art and Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University (UK) is visiting IMV on november 19. In his talk he will outline some health-related projects he is currently involved with which ...
3. Talk by Saul Albert from The People Speak
(Matching tags: visits,intervention,talk,people,digital aesthetics,aesthetics)
'Tools for the world to take over itself'. Recursion: the ability of a word, phrase, or constitution - to modifyit's own meaning, is a core conceptual device in software design, geekhumour, legislative ...
4. Tuck Leong
(Matching tags: visits,talk,people)
Tuck Leong from the Interaction Design Group at The University of Melbourne visited DUL this week and gave a lecture entitled "Understanding serendipitous experiences when interacting with personal digital ...

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