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1. Workshop on "Designing for Performative Interactions in Public Spaces"
(Matching tags: digital aesthetics,events,workshop,urbanity,performance)
As part of the Ubicomp2010 conference taking place in Copenhagen 26-29 Sept, members of DUL are co-organising the workshop "Designing for Performative Interactions in Public Spaces". Deadline for application ...
2. The City’s Layers
(Matching tags: urbanity,architecture,cultural heritage,aesthetics,events,interface aesthetics,digital aesthetics)
Seminar on the city, art and media technologies The ability of digital media to add an extra layer to the cityscape characterizes the experience of the city as mobile phones, cameras, media facades ...
3. Musicon Workshop: Interactive Installations and Urban Spaces
(Matching tags: urbanity,workshop,media facades)
On October 28, DUL and CAVI in collaboration with Musicon held a workshop on engaging and interactive experiences in urban space. The aim of the workshop was to develop ideas for interactive installations ...
4. Martin Zerlang: Funscapes
(Matching tags: urbanity,talk)
I følge en klassisk definition er byen kendetegnet ved sin størrelse, sin tæthed og sin variation. Kombinationen af disse kendetegn fører til en anden klassisk definition: at byen er et mødested for fremmede. ...

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