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1. Heritage Matters in Interaction Design
(Matching tags: cultural heritage,talk,people)
... an important domain for interaction design. Yet we are often stuck with traditional museological frameworks, failing to understand the nature of heritage as cultural process. In this talk I will argue ...
2. The City’s Layers
(Matching tags: urbanity,architecture,cultural heritage,aesthetics,events,interface aesthetics,digital aesthetics)
Seminar on the city, art and media technologies The ability of digital media to add an extra layer to the cityscape characterizes the experience of the city as mobile phones, cameras, media facades ...
3. Digital Urban Living at City University of New York
(Matching tags: talk,visits,cultural heritage)
... Social History Project about the design of interactive technologies for cultural heritage communication. ...
4. Danish National 1909 Expo in Russian television
(Matching tags: virtual world,3-D,web,cultural heritage,aarhus)
Digital Urban Living, CAVI and The Department of History and Area Studies, all from Aarhus University, have made a virtual version of the Danish National Exhibition from 1909. The exhibition has had big ...
5. Interactive 3D Model of the National Expo 1909
(Matching tags: exhibition,cultural heritage,events)
In 1909 Denmark had a national exhibition in Aarhus. The National Exhibition was an exhibition covering industry, craftsmanship and culture. It displayed examples of what Denmark was capable of within ...
6. DUL prototype at Moesgård Museum
(Matching tags: cases,museums,cultural heritage)
As part of Moesgård Museum's new exhibition about runes, the DUL cultural heritage group has created a prototype installation that lets visitors create and decorate their own unique rune stones. The prototype ...

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