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1. Public Interfaces
(Matching tags: new urban areas,conference,aesthetics,interface aesthetics,digital aesthetics,media facades,civic communication)
... to address the broad theme of Public Interfaces as part of ongoing research in Digital Urban Living. It is organized by Center for Digital Urban Living and DARC (Digital Aesthetics Research Centre), Aarhus ...
2. Smart Mistakes, or Business as Usual
(Matching tags: digital aesthetics,conference,networking)
Share Festival 2010, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, Torino. November 3, 2010 - 14.00-15.30. Panel hosted by DARC (Digital Aesthetics Research Centre, Aarhus University) and DUL (Digital Urban ...
3. Seminar on new literary forms
(Matching tags: digital aesthetics,aesthetics)
Digital Urban Living is co-organiser together with Aarhus city libraries of a day seminar on new literary forms with participants from libraries, the literary scene nationally and internationally, e.g. ...
4. Workshop on "Designing for Performative Interactions in Public Spaces"
(Matching tags: digital aesthetics,events,workshop,urbanity,performance)
As part of the Ubicomp2010 conference taking place in Copenhagen 26-29 Sept, members of DUL are co-organising the workshop "Designing for Performative Interactions in Public Spaces". Deadline for application ...
5. Digital Design Expo 2010
(Matching tags: student projects,exhibition,digital aesthetics,media facades,civic communication)
Students from the Digital Design study progam present and demo their non-traditional interpretations of the theme "hyperlocal media". They combine digital aesthetics and interaction design to create innovative ...
6. Research seminar 21-23 April 2010
(Matching tags: conference,events,interface aesthetics,digital aesthetics,aarhus)
7. The City’s Layers
(Matching tags: urbanity,architecture,cultural heritage,aesthetics,events,interface aesthetics,digital aesthetics)
Seminar on the city, art and media technologies The ability of digital media to add an extra layer to the cityscape characterizes the experience of the city as mobile phones, cameras, media facades ...
8. Interweaving Technologies, a research seminar
(Matching tags: aarhus,events,digital aesthetics,conference)
Together with the Nordic Research Network "The Culture of Ubiquitous Information", and Digital Aesthetics Research Center, Digital Urban Living will be hosting the research seminar "Interweaving technologies: ...
9. Geoff Cox as new Postdoc Researcher
(Matching tags: digital aesthetics,people)
Geoff Cox has recently joined the DUL project as a Postdoc Researcher in Digital Aesthetics, on secondment from University of Plymouth (UK) where he is a Reader in Art and Technology and part of KURATOR/Art ...
10. Planetary Pledge Pyramid - Getting ready for the big show
(Matching tags: interface aesthetics,digital aesthetics,aesthetics)
We are getting ready for the biggest gameshow on earth. On the 18th December 2009 DUL's Interface Aesthetics group in collaboration with The People Speak will host a world-changing game show as part of ...
11. What are the relations between climate changes and art? What is good climate art
(Matching tags: digital aesthetics,events,exhibition)
... only natural (sic) and necessary that artists enter the debate? Is it perhaps an integral question to art, that has often been concerned with depicting nature, landscapes, changing realities? Does digital ...
12. The Talkaoke Jutland Tour goes to Gellerup and Skive Beach Party
(Matching tags: cases,digital aesthetics,interface aesthetics)
Aarhus Municipal Library, Gellerup's Café Perlen and Skive Beach Party are the next confirmed location of the 2009 Talkaoke Jutland Tour Here are the dates: ·    Talkaoke, open-mike-talkshow ·   ...
13. Talkaoke at Aarhus Municipal Library
(Matching tags: events,digital aesthetics,aarhus)
Talkaoke goes Scandinavian this month, taking the UFO of chat to the beautiful public square in front of the municipal library in Århus, Denmark. If you happen to be in Jutland, and speak Danish do join ...
14. Urban Digital Design Prototypes
(Matching tags: student projects,exhibition,digital aesthetics,media facades,civic communication)
The students at Digital Design – the joint Information Studies and Aesthetics bachelor program – presented their semester projects in Interaction design. Two of the seven critical/aesthetic projects were ...
15. Jacob Sikker Remin: Artist talk
(Matching tags: digital aesthetics,talk)
Jacob Sikker Remin is the artist behind the exhibition ”Standing on the Shoulder of Giants” currently at the gallery MACHWERKET in Vestergade, Aarhus. He gives an artist talk at DARC (Digital Aesthetics ...
(Matching tags: concert,digital aesthetics,performance)
ONE IS LISTEN Electronic concert by Morten Riis ONE IS LISTEN is an audiovisual musical piece which explores the dynamic extremes in our perception. Together with the musical composition a visual dimension ...
17. Networking. The Net as Artwork
(Matching tags: books,networking,net art,interface aesthetics,digital aesthetics)
The book Networking, The Net as Artwork by Tatiana Bazzichelli is a research part of the Digital Urban Living Research Centre and published by DARC, Digital Aesthetics Research Centre (Aarhus University). ...
18. Talk by Saul Albert from The People Speak
(Matching tags: visits,intervention,talk,people,digital aesthetics,aesthetics)
'Tools for the world to take over itself'. Recursion: the ability of a word, phrase, or constitution - to modifyit's own meaning, is a core conceptual device in software design, geekhumour, legislative ...
(Matching tags: audio,digital aesthetics)
... På den måde bliver der skabt en synæstetisk sammenhæng, der bombarderer sanserne. Den visuelle side er lavet med hjælp fra Tobias Ebsen (ph.d. studerende under forskningsprojektet Digital Urban Living) ...
20. Photos from the conference on sousveillance
(Matching tags: intervention,workshop,conference,aarhus,digital aesthetics)
Photos from the workshop, conference and concert of last week on 'sousveillance' is now available on Flickr. More information is available at the blog of the Digital Aesthetics Research Center.    ...
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