Sew your own computer, an IT and textiles DIY workshop

Thursday 8th Dec, Digital Urban Living and DARCDARC hosted a DIY workshop on textiles and IT, featuring DIVA artist in residence Valerie LamontagneValerie Lamontagne.


Danish description (the CfP) of the workshop can be found on DARC's website herehere. During this full day of sewing, knitting, coding, soldering and concept development, 15 lucky workshop applicants were invited to inhabit the soon-to-be-opened Digital Design Lab at Aarhus University. Here, several quickly made prototypes showed how one might use soft materials to experiment with current and future life with digital objects.

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DUL audiovisual installation exhibited in Sydney

The audiovisual installation  “Atmosphere – the sound & sight of CO2” is currently exhibited in Sydney, Australia as part of the exhibition Curating Cities. The installation is developed by DUL researchers Tobias Ebsen, Morten Riis, Rasmus Lunding & Morten Breinbjerg. Read more on http://curatingcities.org


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Visiting researcher: Andrew Murphie

andrew_murphie_imvAndrew Murphie is a visiting researcher from the The School of the Arts and Media at UNSW in Sydney. He is Editor of the open access, online journal, The Fibreculture Journal (digital media + networks + transdisciplinary critique). Andrew’s research examines the productive nature of differential intensity. He works on transformation, crisis and possibility—as these are filtered through generative process in media, arts and philosophy, dynamic modeling of all types, and new forms of cooperation in politics/social organization. He is currently writing a book—Differential Media, Differential Life: the past and future of social organization that rethinks the ‘world as medium’. This diagrams the relations between: media; thinking, feeling and perceiving; Bateson/Guattari’s ‘three ecologies’ of the social, self and environment.

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Geoff Cox co-organised Plymouth conference and presents paper

Geoff Cox has co-organised and will be presenting a paper at the following conference in Plymouth.

workshop/conference, part of the Finale Symposium for British Art Show 7

Dates: 1-3 December 2011
Venues: Plymouth University and Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth, UK.

In times of financial crisis, austerity measures, and the increased privatisation of digital networks and public services, what are the conditions under which we produce art, ideas and concepts? If working as part of the arts has always been precarious, it now operates in exaggerated ways. The symposium will explore these issues in the context of the British Art Show (currently taking place in Plymouth), asserting that the future is largely conditioned through the reality of the political economy, leaving the art world ever more vulnerable but also at the same time a crucial site of struggle. In these precarious times, what does the art world have to offer?

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In/compatible Research (conference/workshop)

November 16–18, 2011
Vilém Flusser Archive, Berlin University of the Arts (UdK)

In the context of developing a platform for knowledge exchange, and research across the arts and sciences, transmediale festival (Berlin) and Centre for Digital Urban Living + Digital Aesthetics Research Centre (Aarhus University) have established a partnership to foster new forms of collaborative peer-review and knowledge dissemination. Departing from the theme of the upcoming transmediale festival in 2012: in/compatible, a PhD workshop and conference is taking place on November 16–18, at the Vilém Flusser Archive, Universität der Künste, Berlin.

This event addresses the theme of the transmediale festival in a number of ways:in/compatible interfacesin/compatible methods, and in/compatible markets, focusing on the unresolved tensions in-between different technologies, their cultures of production and use, as well as the tensions between different approaches to contemporary media culture. The PhD workshop and the conference will lead to a collaborative peer-reviewed publication presented as part of the programme of the festival in 2012.

The actual workshop is restricted to the PhD students selected from an open call this summer. However, the conference programme will be open to the public.

Keynote speakers at the conference are Tiziana Terranova and Siegfried Zielinski

Mayor presents Aarhus as a digital playground


At this year’s Next 2011 Conference in Aarhus, Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard presented the vision of Smart Aarhus. Aarhus University and the Alexandra Institute are ready to join this opportunity.

Smart Aarhus may soon be a familiar term. Aarhus’ new Mayor, Jacob Bundsgaard, used it during his opening speech at the Next 2011 conference to depict a future scenario where smart city solutions are being developed and deployed in Aarhus.

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Poetry Wall - Roskilde Festival 2011
The Public Poetry Wall

This years Roskilde Festival featured an interactive installation developed by Digital Urban Living. The Public Poetry Wall was installed at the so-called Poetry Hall as a part of a collaboration with Roskilde Library. Words supplied by writers Vagn Remme and Jesper Sternberg was projected onto a black curtain and these words could then be moved around in speachbubbles and put into sentences by the audience - an an effect of moving around below the projection.


The installation was originally developed in 2009 by DUL-researchers Rune Nielsen, Tobias Ebsen and Per Henrik Storm. Read more about the original project here.

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