Project Description
The objective of the strategic research centre Digital Urban Living is to address new forms of digital urban living reflected by the societal and technological development of the experience economy. Our hypothesis is that the nature of digital urban living can be addressed in a productive way by a complementary and integrated set of theoretical perspectives:
DUL research themes and projects overview

The activities of the centre will be based on, and reinforce public-private cooperation by organizing projects according to a research-based, user-driven innovation, and explorative case-based activity model.  In keeping with this model, four cases - Civic communication in urban spaces, Participation in cultural heritage, Digital art in urban space, and New urban areas - have been initially selected, and constitute the basis for involving citizens, industry, and public institutions in case-driven research with a concern for innovations and partnering, leading to new businesses.

Funding sources

  • The Danish Council for Strategic Research, KINO, grant number 2128-07-0011.
  • The Danish Council for Strategic Research, The IKT-corridor, grant number 07-014564
  • European Regional Development Fund and Region Central Denmark
  • The City of Århus

Contact Info

Center for Digital Urban Living
Aarhus University
Helsingforsgade 14
DK-8200 Aarhus N

Tel. (+45) 8942 9205
Fax (+45) 8942 9201