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logoreflexxdk is a mobile- and touch-centric experimental magazine for tablet and smartphone. investigates a number of perspectives at the cross-section of journalism and interactive technologies, including journalistic production methods, genres, interaction, business models and technologies.

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Digital Natives

Digital Natives is an exhibition experiment about and in collaboration with young people who have grown in a digital age. The project explores the culture and identity of these young people and experiments with new ways of communicating this culture in exhibition contexts. The Digital Natives exhibition opens at the Aarhus Art Building on december 1.

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Holger the Dane

The journey of Holger the Dane

Through collaboration between Kronborg Castle administration, CAVI – Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction, DUL – Digital Urban Living, TEKNE Produktion and Aarhus University it is now possible to bring Holger the Dane to life trough an interactive visualization.

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Denmark pavilion for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai

As a part of the media facade project CAVI has, in collaboration with Center for Digital Urban Living, developed and implemented a design for the media facade of the Danish Pavilion at the EXPO 2010 exhibition in Shanghai.

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Planetary Pledge Pyramid

Planetary Pledge Pyramid is an experiment with a global context, the UN summit on climate changes, December 2009. This project develops platforms and media formats that are tested in different contexts for cultural and business sustainability.

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Atmosphere – the sound of CO2

Investigating how interfaces affect the relation between the public and the private the installation “Atmosphere – the sound of CO2” will, as part of COP15 activities in Copenhagen in December, monitor the quantity of CO2 in the air at three different locations in Copenhagen and transform these data into an audiovisual expression that varies in accordance to the measured quantity of CO2.

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The Climate Channel

DUL were involved in a number of activities during the recent UN climate change summit, COP15, in Copenhagen. But some focus was given to extending the event to the streets of Aarhus (Denmark's second largest city) in the shape of "Klimakanalen" (The Climate Channel).

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DUL/Interface Aesthetics has since 2009 been experimenting with the open format Talkaoke, developed by the British artist collective, The People Speak.

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Klimatrends - iPhone app

Klimatrends-app'en er en anderledes måde at følge strømmen af nyheder, meninger, følelser og klima-målinger på før, under og efter COP15COP15, FNs klimatopmøde i København (7.-18. december 2009).

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Sousveillance - no place to hide

With the growing spread of pervasive digital technologies the public urban space has become open for new forms of both observation and surveillance.

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CO2NFESSION / CO2MMITMENT is an advanced video installation that puts a face on the struggle for climate improvements and gives the citizens of Aarhus a voice to be heard – and seen – throughout the city. The installation is part of the Municipality of Aarhus' campaign CO2030

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Climate on the Wall

During the climate conference Beyond Kyoto, citizens of Aarhus can engage themselves in the struggle for large-scale climate improvements by using Climate on the Wall.

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Colorscan – Colorful Lighting Installation

Colorscan is an interactive lighting installation installed in one of the main entry gates to the Skanderborg music festival.

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Aarhus by Light

Aarhus by Light is a groundbreaking experiment in media facades. As part of the media facades project, Concert Hall Aarhus, one of the largest in Europe, presents a new interactive media facade that invites guests and passers-by to encounter and partake in a new dimension of the renowned cultural institution.

Read more is a kind of network of websites. It mixes the local, daily and cultural life with online journalism and useful information for citizens.

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"Store Torv" (a squarce in Aarhus) is tranformed into a fabulous sound univers, that gives you an abstract way to experience and listen to the city.

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Runic Exhibition at Moesgaard Museum

As part of Moesgaard Museum's special exhibition about runic stones, DUL was invited to create an interactive runic table that allowed visitors to create their own runic stones.

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