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Digital NativesDigital Natives is an exhibition experiment about and with young people growing up in a digital age. The project explores the everyday cultures of these youngsters and experiments with new ways of exploring these cultures, using the newest interactive technologies.

Digital Natives is a practice-based research project experimenting with the intersections of anthropological research, participatory design and interactive technologies. The project concerns a generation of young people raised in a digital era surrounded by new media and information technologies, and whose life worlds are said to depart from that of previous generations, both mentally, socially and culturally. The project explores these young people's every cultures, identities and communication practices in a local setting and experiments with new ways of representing and interacting with these cultures in the context of a concrete arts/culture exhibition experiment. As such the aim is to create an inteactive exhibition experiment in collaboration with a group of young people (16-19y) that explores and expresses the lives and cultures of digital natives in Aarhus, year 2010.

Digital Natives is created through a creative collaboration between young people, anthropologists and interaction designers through an extended period of nine months. The project is part of the Cultural Heritage section of Digital Urban Living and is realised in collaboration with CAVI, Alexandra Instituttet, Moesgård Museum and Innovation Lab. The exhibition takes place at Århus Kunstbygning 1-9 December 2010, and will continue to other locations in Denmark in the autum of 2011.

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