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1. – an experimental magazine for iPad, iPhone and web
(Matching tags: journalism,mobile,civic communication,cases)
Launched on November 4, is a mobile- and touch-centric experimental magazine (in Danish, translated link here) developed primarily for tablets (e.g. iPad) and smartphones (e.g. iPhone and Android ...
2. Denmark pavilion for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai
(Matching tags: shanghai,expo,architecture,media facades,cases)
As a part of the media facade project CAVI has, in collaboration with Center for Digital Urban Living, developed and implemented a design for the media facade of the Danish Pavilion at the EXPO 2010 ...
3. The Talkaoke Jutland Tour goes to Gellerup and Skive Beach Party
(Matching tags: cases,digital aesthetics,interface aesthetics)
Aarhus Municipal Library, Gellerup's Café Perlen and Skive Beach Party are the next confirmed location of the 2009 Talkaoke Jutland Tour Here are the dates: ·    Talkaoke, open-mike-talkshow ·   ...
4. DUL prototype at Moesgård Museum
(Matching tags: cases,museums,cultural heritage)
As part of Moesgård Museum's new exhibition about runes, the DUL cultural heritage group has created a prototype installation that lets visitors create and decorate their own unique rune stones. The prototype ...
5. Aarhus by Light – A Playful Media Facade
(Matching tags: media facades,digital aesthetics,aarhus,cases)
Aarhus by Light is a groundbreaking experiment in media facades. As part of the media facades project, Concert Hall Aarhus, one of the largest in Europe, presents a new interactive media facade that invites ...
6. Colorscan – Colorful Lighting Installation
(Matching tags: aarhus,media facades,cases)
Colorscan is an interactive lighting installation installed in one of the main entry gates to the Skanderborg music festival. A camera is fixed in the gate and scans for and tracks vivid colors , such ...
(Matching tags: cases,civic communication) is a new type of network of websites that mix everyday local community and cultural life with online journalism and citizen information. Behind this initiative is one of the big private partners ...
8. Cultural Heritage
(Matching tags: museums,cases)
The Cultural Heritage project will address innovative forms of learning and knowledge construction through new digital artefacts in the domain of cultural heritage. The project combines novel research ...

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