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1. News in the city: The Climate Channel
(Matching tags: Twitter,news,climate,civic communication)
DUL were involved in a number of activities during the recent UN climate change summit, COP15, in Copenhagen. But some focus was given to extending the event to the streets of Aarhus (Denmark's second ...
2. Digital stories: Two eMagazines about climate change
(Matching tags: civic communication,publication,climate,web)
... Indonesia [in Danish]. Another eMagazine on climate issues has been produced in cooperation with Jyllands-Posten. See them both at  ...
3. Climate on the Wall
(Matching tags: aarhus,climate,media facades,civic communication,events)
During the climate conference Beyond Kyoto, citizens of Aarhus can engage themselves in the struggle for large-scale climate improvements by using Climate on the Wall, an interactive generator of climate ...
4. Klima-væggen
(Matching tags: architecture,climate,media facades,civic communication)
Skriv dit klima-statement på Ridehuset! Under klima-konferencen Beyond Kyoto kan århusianerne vise deres engagement i kampen for et bedre klima i kæmpe skala. Det kan de gøre på ”Klima-væggen”, som ...
(Matching tags: civic communication,partners,climate,intervention,aarhus,media facades)
CO2NFESSION / CO2MMITMENT is an advanced video installation that puts a face on the struggle for climate improvements and gives the citizens of Aarhus a voice to be heard – and seen – throughout the city. ...

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