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1. DUL Radio
(Matching tags: mobile,hardware,publication)
... Brynskov, project lead, mobile: +45 3068 0424 Rasmus Lunding, initiator and lead designer Lasse Steenbock Vestergaard, project assistant and verification engineer Aarhus University, the Alexandra ...
2. – an experimental magazine for iPad, iPhone and web
(Matching tags: journalism,mobile,civic communication,cases)
Launched on November 4, is a mobile- and touch-centric experimental magazine (in Danish, translated link here) developed primarily for tablets (e.g. iPad) and smartphones (e.g. iPhone and Android ...
3. South Korea: Technology Tiger with Global Challenges
(Matching tags: mobile,civic communication,report)
Download PDF: South Korea: Technology Tiger with Global Challenges (10 pages, in Danish only) South Korea has gone through an incredible evolution in just a few decades, with a world-class export of ...
4. Mobile culture in Japan and Denmark
(Matching tags: civic communication,japan,mobile)
... of mobile phones and relates their usage to how danes will use phones in the near future. See or read about the interviews (in danish): 1st interview in Horisont 2nd interview in Horisont Horisont ...

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