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1. Public Interfaces
(Matching tags: new urban areas,conference,aesthetics,interface aesthetics,digital aesthetics,media facades,civic communication)
Conference and PhD workshop, 12-14 January, 2011, Aarhus University, Denmark The conference and Ph.D. workshop brings together researchers from Aarhus University, University of Plymouth, and guests ...
2. Denmark pavilion for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai
(Matching tags: shanghai,expo,architecture,media facades,cases)
As a part of the media facade project CAVI has, in collaboration with Center for Digital Urban Living, developed and implemented a design for the media facade of the Danish Pavilion at the EXPO 2010 ...
3. Digital Design Expo 2010
(Matching tags: student projects,exhibition,digital aesthetics,media facades,civic communication)
Students from the Digital Design study progam present and demo their non-traditional interpretations of the theme "hyperlocal media". They combine digital aesthetics and interaction design to create innovative ...
4. Musicon Workshop: Interactive Installations and Urban Spaces
(Matching tags: urbanity,workshop,media facades)
On October 28, DUL and CAVI in collaboration with Musicon held a workshop on engaging and interactive experiences in urban space. The aim of the workshop was to develop ideas for interactive installations ...
5. DR Workshop: Interactive Potentials for Koncerthuset
(Matching tags: mediafacades workshop)
On October 26, DUL and CAVI held a workshop at DR on interactive potentials for Koncerthuset. The aim of the workshop was to explore and challenge the visual possibilities of Koncerthuset in new ways, ...
6. Workshop: Interactive Façades - Light as material
(Matching tags: workshop,architecture,media facades)
  On August 6-7, DUL, CAVI and Martin Professional held a workshop on media facades at Danish Design Center (DDC) in Copenhagen. The aim of the workshop was to develop visual and interactive experiments ...
7. Urban Digital Design Prototypes
(Matching tags: student projects,exhibition,digital aesthetics,media facades,civic communication)
The students at Digital Design – the joint Information Studies and Aesthetics bachelor program – presented their semester projects in Interaction design. Two of the seven critical/aesthetic projects were ...
8. Climate on the Wall
(Matching tags: aarhus,climate,media facades,civic communication,events)
During the climate conference Beyond Kyoto, citizens of Aarhus can engage themselves in the struggle for large-scale climate improvements by using Climate on the Wall, an interactive generator of climate ...
9. Klima-bekendelser
(Matching tags: intervention,aarhus,media facades,civic communication)
Sæt ansigt på kampen for et bedre klima! ”Klima-bekendelser” er en avanceret video-installation, som sætter et personligt ansigt på klima-kampen og giver byens borgere en stemme, der kan høres – og ...
10. Klima-væggen
(Matching tags: architecture,climate,media facades,civic communication)
Skriv dit klima-statement på Ridehuset! Under klima-konferencen Beyond Kyoto kan århusianerne vise deres engagement i kampen for et bedre klima i kæmpe skala. Det kan de gøre på ”Klima-væggen”, som ...
(Matching tags: civic communication,partners,climate,intervention,aarhus,media facades)
CO2NFESSION / CO2MMITMENT is an advanced video installation that puts a face on the struggle for climate improvements and gives the citizens of Aarhus a voice to be heard – and seen – throughout the city. ...
12. Aarhus by Light (Urban Screens '08)
(Matching tags: conference,publication,poster,media facades)
At the Urban Screens 2008 conference in Melbourne, Australia, October 3-5, 2008, researchers from DUL will present  the poster "Aarhus by Light – An experiment in socially engaging media facades". The ...
13. DUL in Lighting Magazine
(Matching tags: magazine,publication,architecture,industry,media facades)
Center for Digital Urban Living is featured in the article on "Media facades". "Lighting" is a leading monthly magazine for the lighting industry.  ...
14. Aarhus by Light – A Playful Media Facade
(Matching tags: media facades,digital aesthetics,aarhus,cases)
Aarhus by Light is a groundbreaking experiment in media facades. As part of the media facades project, Concert Hall Aarhus, one of the largest in Europe, presents a new interactive media facade that invites ...
15. Colorscan – Colorful Lighting Installation
(Matching tags: aarhus,media facades,cases)
Colorscan is an interactive lighting installation installed in one of the main entry gates to the Skanderborg music festival. A camera is fixed in the gate and scans for and tracks vivid colors , such ...
16. Media Facades
(Matching tags: media facades,partners)
The purpose of the Media Facades project is to discuss and develop interactive media facades as integrated parts of the inside and the outside of buildings. The project contributes to new ways of displaying ...

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