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1. Nem member: Professor John P. Ulhøi
(Matching tags: people,business,m-commerce)
We welcome our new professor John Ulhøi at Center for Digital Urban Living. Dr Ulhøi is professor of Organization and Management Theory at Aarhus School of Business (ASB), Director of Centre for Organizational ...
2. Heritage Matters in Interaction Design
(Matching tags: cultural heritage,talk,people)
Invited Talk: Professor Elisa Giaccardi, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid June 14, 2010 kl.13.00 – 14.30 IT-Parken Katrinebjerg, Wiener-bygningen, lok 026 Heritage matters are starting to emerge as ...
3. Poster Presentations by Geoff Cox
(Matching tags: civic communication,presentation,people)
Geoff Cox, post.doc at Digital Urban Living and Department for Information and Media Studies, is speaking at 3 upcoming cenferences: PARADE - public modes of assembly Dematerial - critical debates ...
4. Michael Mose Biskjær as new PhD fellow
(Matching tags: user-driven innovation,people)
Michael Mose Biskjær, MA, has recently joined DUL as a PhD fellow. Since graduating from Aarhus University, Michael has taught a number of academic courses and has worked on a recently completed innovation ...
5. New PhD student: Christina Jakobsen
(Matching tags: new urban areas,people,user-driven innovation)
Christina Jakobsen is a PhD student at the department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, and is joining DUL for cooperation. With a background in Information Studies and Design and Design processes ...
6. New PhD student: Erik Sloth
(Matching tags: people,experience communication,business)
Exploring experience communication in consumer culture Based at the Centre for Corporate Communication at Aarhus Business School/ Aarhus University, Erik Sloth is a PhD student and researcher with the ...
7. Geoff Cox as new Postdoc Researcher
(Matching tags: digital aesthetics,people)
Geoff Cox has recently joined the DUL project as a Postdoc Researcher in Digital Aesthetics, on secondment from University of Plymouth (UK) where he is a Reader in Art and Technology and part of KURATOR/Art ...
Peter Wright, Art and Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University (UK) is visiting IMV on november 19. In his talk he will outline some health-related projects he is currently involved with which ...
9. Tuck Leong at Digital Urban Living
(Matching tags: people)
... influence people’s encounters with this engaging and deeply personal experience. ‘Designed and made’ in Malaysia, Tuck was exported to Australia at a young age. There he discovered the field of Immunology, ...
10. Publications
(Matching tags: publication,people)
2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2012 REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES Andersen, C. U., & Rohde, A. L. (2012). Et brand skal kunne spilles. Markedsfoering, (6), 48-48. Hansen, L. K. (2012). Gemmer ...
11. Talk by Saul Albert from The People Speak
(Matching tags: visits,intervention,talk,people,digital aesthetics,aesthetics)
... politics, and forms of participatory art and design. Saul Albert, from the London-based art collective 'The People Speak' will discuss some of their techniques and technologies for enabling mobcreativity ...
12. Tuck Leong
(Matching tags: visits,talk,people)
Tuck Leong from the Interaction Design Group at The University of Melbourne visited DUL this week and gave a lecture entitled "Understanding serendipitous experiences when interacting with personal digital ...

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